15 June 2017

Sandy honoured with Blue Plaque in Byfield

BBC Music Day have teamed up with the British Plaque Trust to unveil 47 historic Blue Plaques celebrating iconic musicians and venues including Sandy. The plaque will be attached to the exterior of Byfield Village Hall where Sandy played her final gig on 1st April 1978. Sandy lived in Byfield from 1973 until her death in 1978.

13 June 2017

BBC Soul Music episode on 'Who Knows Where the Time Goes?'

The BBC are featuring Who Knows Where the Time Goes? in their Soul Music series about pieces of music with a powerful emotional impact. The episode will air on the 14th of June and also be available on the BBC website.

Sandy Denny was just 19 years old when she wrote 'Who Knows Where the Time Goes?', her much-loved song about the passing of time. Soul Music tells the story behind the song and speaks to people for whom it has special meaning.

The record producer Joe Boyd and founder member of Fairport Convention Simon Nicol remember Sandy and her music. We speak to musicians who have covered the song, including folk legend Judy Collins and the singer Rufus Wainwright, about what the song means to them. And we hear from people whose lives have been touched by the song, including the singer-songwriter Ren Harvieu, who suffered a back break in a freak accident and found strength in the song during her recovery. And neuroscientist and best-selling author David Eagleman explains why the years seem to fly past ever more quickly as we grow older. Also featuring contributions from Sandy Denny's biographer Mick Houghton and Dr Richard Elliott, Senior Lecturer in Music at Newcastle University.

Producer: Mair Bosworth.