25 July 2013

Deluxe Edition of Rising for the Moon

A new 2disc deluxe edition of Fairport Convention’s 1975 album, Rising for The Moon, will be released at the of August. This new edition contains the original album Re-mastered and expanded with home demos, alternate-versions and the Previously Unreleased LWT performance of “White Dress”.

And on disc 2 released for the first time, a new live album of Fairport Convention’s classic 1974 appearance at The LA Troubadour, including 5 Previously Unreleased recordings. Full tracklisting here.

The setlist at the Troubadour is unusual in that it was mostly different to the songs performed on the live album that was released: ‘Fairport Live Convention’. None of the Troubadour tapes were used on that release, as such was the band’s parlous financial situation at the time, they couldn’t afford to purchase the tapes from Wally Heider’s Mobile. Over the years odd selections trickled out but it was only on 2010’s definitive 19CD Sandy Denny box-set that the tracks featuring Sandy were properly mixed by Andrew Batt. He has now added the additional performances by Trevor Lucas and Dave Swarbrick so now fans can enjoy this brief but memorable line-up at their absolute best.

The package also contains new sleeve notes by Patrick Humphries, and rare and unseen photos, and is released on 26th August 2013. The deluxe edition can be pre-ordered on Amazon.