19 March 2013

Download Ireland's RTÉ podcast with Joe Boyd talking about Sandy

RTÉ's Eamonn Lenihan talks to record producer Joe Boyd, who shares his thoughts on Sandy Denny's career before, during and after her time with Fairport Convention. He also tells Eamonn about producing Nick Drake...

you can download the podcast from 21st Feb 2013 here

14 March 2013

Watch the Joanna Newsom video of Sandy's 'The North Star Grassman and the Ravens'

American singer-songwriter Joanna Newsom has covered Sandy's 'The North Star Grassman and the Ravens' for the fashion line Wren and their Autumn 2013 video campaign.

Newsom, performed the cover outdoors in Malibu and said of Sandy: "Aesthetically, her songs are really inspiring to me—they’re really bold strokes that feel sort of theatrical and they’re interested in story... they aren’t just interested in the now." The video directed by Maximilla Lukacs can be watched below: