23 November 2012

Joanna Newsom covers Sandy for the Wren fashion line

American singer-songwriter Joanna Newsom talks about Sandy and her forthcoming version of 'The North Star Grassman and the Ravens' for the fashion line Wren and their Autumn 2013 video campaign.

Newsom, harp in tow, performed the cover outdoors in Malibu and said of the track and creative collaboration it inspired. "Aesthetically, her songs are really inspiring to me—they’re really bold strokes that feel sort of theatrical and they’re interested in story, The fashion and design that I’m interested in also has to do with story, very strong statements that have some sort of narrative to them, that they aren’t just interested in the now." The video will air early next year.

23 November 2012

BBC Radio documentary on Jackson C Frank

The BBC have produced a radio documentary on Jackson C Frank which is broadcast tomorrow at 15.30 on BBC Radio 4. Jackson was of course one of Sandy's first boyfriends, and she performed a number of his classic compositions like Blues Run the Game, You Never Wanted Me and Milk and Honey. This programme is a great opportunity to get better acquainted with Jackson's life and work.

02 November 2012

Exclusive Clips of 'Songs of Sandy Denny' on BBC Four

The Songs of Sandy Denny runs a generous 90mins but we still had to cut some tracks for time- you can see them now over on the BBC 4 webpage.

The tracks are:

It'll Take a Long Time - Blair Dunlop
Long Time Gone - Thea Gilmore
Matty Groves - Ben Nicholls
Like An Old Fashioned Waltz - PP Arnold