Don't Stop Singing

B0057MFA60 (CD, UK, 07 November 2011)

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Album History

In late 2010 Thea Gilmore was commissioned by Sandy's estate, in conjunction with Island Records, to write melodies for unfinished manuscripts, lyrics without music, and works in progress and so to finally bring some of Sandy's last works to the world.

The album ranges from the uplifting 'Glistening Bay', an epihany rooted in stirring natural imagery borne along by piano and sweeping strings, to the dark personal imagery of 'Pain In My Heart' and 'Long Time Gone' to the exquisitely fragile lullaby 'Georgia'... all tied together by the title track, a pithy and infectiously catchy nod to the enduring power of music.

Guests on this generation-transcending album include Benji Kirkpatrick from Bellowhead and his legendary acordion playing father John Kirkpatrick, who himself featured on Sandy.

Sandy Denny, Thea Gilmore
07 November 2011 (UK)
Island Records Ltd.
  • Phil Smee (design)

Album Singles

  1. 1. Don't Stop Singing- 01 November 2011