Rising for the Moon

Track Listing

All songs written by Sandy Denny except where noted

Disc 1

  1. 1. Rising for the Moon - 4:09
  2. 2. Restless (Peter Roche, Trevor Lucas) - 2:29
  3. 3. White Dress (Dave Swarbrick) - 3:44
  4. 4. Let It Go (Dave Pegg, Dave Swarbrick, Sandy Denny) - 2:01
  5. 5. Stranger to Himself - 2:53
  6. 6. What Is True? - 3:34
  7. 7. Iron Lion (Trevor Lucas) - 3:28
  8. 8. Dawn (Jerry Donahue, Sandy Denny) - 3:43
  9. 9. After Halloween - 3:39
  10. 10. Night-Time Girl (Dave Pegg, Dave Swarbrick) - 2:56
  11. 11. One More Chance - 7:30
  12. 12. White Dress (Live on LWT) (live) (Dave Swarbrick) - 3:14
  13. 13. Dawn (alternate version) (Jerry Donahue, Sandy Denny) - 3:25
  14. 14. What Is True? (studio demo) - 3:12
  15. 15. After Halloween (home demo) - 3:02
  16. 16. The King and Queen of England (home demo 2) - 3:52

Disc 2

  1. 1. Down in the Flood (live) (Bob Dylan) - 3:14
  2. 2. The Ballad of Ned Kelly (live) (Trevor Lucas) - 3:35
  3. 3. Solo (live) - 5:20
  4. 4. It'll Take a Long Time (live) - 6:08
  5. 5. She Moves Through the Fair (live) (Padraic Colum) - 4:11
  6. 6. The Hens March Through The Midden & The Four Poster Bed (live) (Traditional) - 3:10
  7. 7. The Hexamshire Lass (live) (Dave Swarbrick) - 2:26
  8. 8. Knockin' on Heaven's Door (live) (Bob Dylan) - 4:16
  9. 9. Six Days On The Road (live) (Carl Montgomery, Earl Green) - 3:26
  10. 10. Like an Old Fashioned Waltz (live) - 4:11
  11. 11. John the Gun (live) - 5:05
  12. 12. Down Where The Drunkards Roll (live) (Richard Thompson) - 4:09
  13. 13. Crazy Lady Blues (live) - 4:29
  14. 14. Who Knows Where the Time Goes? (live) - 7:09
  15. 15. Matty Groves (live) (Traditional) - 8:19
  16. 16. That'll Be the Day (live) (Buddy Holly, Jerry Allison, Norman Petty) - 3:01


Release Information

This deluxe reissue of Fairport Convention's 1975 album Rising for the Moon includes a second CD which features a live recording from the LA Troubadour recorded the previous year. Sandy ‘officially’ re-joined in February during a four night stint at LA’s Troubadour. This remarkable live recording of an entire set by Fairport with Sandy is finally released in full for the first time on this deluxe edition.

By 26 January 1974, when Fairport became the first rock band to play the Sydney Opera House, the Nine line-up (Dave Swarbrick, Dave Pegg, Dave Mattacks, Trevor Lucas, and Jerry Donahue) had been augmented by Sandy Denny, now married to Lucas. The resultant Fairport Live Convention (released in America as A Moveable Feast) confirmed how much the band had benefited from having Sandy back on board. Yet barely a week later, Sandy was more fully integrated into the band and the LA Troubadour dates present Fairport are at the top of their game. Such was the band’s parlous financial situation at the time, they couldn’t afford to purchase the tapes from Wally Heider’s Mobile. Over the years odd selections trickled out but it was only on 2010’s definitive 19CD Sandy Denny box-set that the tracks featuring Sandy were properly mixed by Andrew Batt. Now, with the additional performances by Trevor Lucas and Dave Swarbrick included, fans can enjoy this brief but memorable line-up at their absolute best.

The setlist at the Troubadour is also unusual in that it was mostly different to the songs performed on ‘Fairport Live Convention’. Infact the recording features several songs the band never performed again including: Trevor Lucas’ ‘Ballad Of Ned Kelly’ originally on the Fotheringay album, and ‘Down Where The Drunkards Roll’ (Trevor had sung background vocals on the original version on Richard and Linda Thompson’s I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight) Sandy performs a passionate version of Dylan’s ‘Knocking On Heaven’s Door’ and her own ‘Crazy Lady Blues’ performed here with an added verse. And, dipping into the Fairport back-catalogue, a haunting ‘She Moves Through The Fair’.

Further highlights include ‘Solo’ and ‘Like An Old Fashioned Waltz’ from Sandy’s third album, and a spirited cover of Dylan’s ‘Down In The Flood’ originally on her North Star Grassman and the Ravens album. Swarb delivers an effortless ‘The Hens March through the Midden’ and a spirited ‘The Hexamshire Lass’. Sandy’s signature ‘Who Knows Where The Time Goes’; a magisterial ‘Matty Groves’; plus the band rocking out on ‘Six Days On The Road’ and ‘That’ll Be The Day’.

Album History

The famous producer Glyn Johns was brought in to produce Rising for the Moon. Creative differences led to the departure of Dave Mattacks, after the first round of sessions, who was then replaced by Bruce Rowland.

Dave Mattacks: drums, percussion on [1, 2, 3, 8, 11]; Bruce Rowland: drums, percussion on [4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10]

Fairport Convention
August 2013 (UK)
Universal Island Records Ltd.
  • Marion Appelton (design)

Album Singles

  1. 1. White Dress- July 1975